July, 2024

The Wrong WomanJ.P. Pomare

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Reid left both the police force and the small town of Manson a decade ago, promising his boss he'd never return. He made a new life in the city, became a PI, and turned his back on his old life for good.

Now an insurance firm has offered him good money to look into a suspicious car crash, and he finds himself back in the place he grew up - home to his complicated family history, a scarring relationship breakdown, and a very public career-ending incident.

As Reid's investigation unfolds, nothing is as it seems: rumours are swirling about the woman who was driving at the time of the accident which killed her professor husband, and the Chief of Police's daughter has disappeared. As Reid veers off course from the job he has been paid to do, will he find himself in the dangerous position of taking on the town again?